Welcome  To  Burn  your  Tongue  Hot  Sauces!

SSS... Simply Spicy Stuff


State's Singularly Super Spicy Sauce Selection!

Purveyor Providing Premium Pepper Purees!

Fantastically Fun Flavor Finds For Fiery Food Fans!


At Burn Your Tongue, we specialized in hot and spicy pepper sauces!

Northern Utah's Hot Sauce Stops! We had shelves full of fun,

fiery, flavorful products! Our goal: SSS... Simply Spicy Stuff!

Thank you to everyone that has shown support or sympathy after the

announcement to close BYT! We do plan to return!

While BYT is in transition, I continue working with local companies,

especially friends James and Julie McBeth of Z's Hot Sauce and Marinade!

They have GREAT sauces and are working on many new products! I will

keep the Facebook network open to help spread the word about their,

and other, local spicy events.  Liking their FB page wouldn't hurt either! 

A few other local, spicy food companies we "Like:"

O-Town Kitchen, Tonguespank Spice Co.

Mama Africa Grill​,  Van Kwartel Flavor Science 

Salsa Queen, Chili Beak

Again, I thank you all for your support!
Roger - Owner, Burn Your Tongue

Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces received a Best of Utah 2012 Award

for "Best Spicy Sampling" by Salt Lake City Weekly Magazine!

"Even if you think you’ve got a taste for hot stuff — chilis, salsas, hot sauces
and more — it’s always nice to get a chance at trying a new item out before
buying a whole scorching bottle. Burn Your Tongue, operating a consignment
booth in The Quilted Bear location in Ogden’s Newgate Mall, offers a wide variety
of mouth-melting products. But for those who’d rather not purchase blind, there
are occasional special Saturday tasting events for a chance to taste-test new
products. Keep watch on the site for schedule updates so you don’t miss
out on the hottest new thing. BurnYourTongue.com"

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SSS... Simply Spicy Stuff
temporarily cloSed - planning to return late 2018
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